You can also find me here: 

www.rawmagicretreats.com -
an opportunity to feel nurtured with raw food, yoga, sound healing, wonderful company and exquisite surroundings

www.diabeatit.co.uk -
workshops and retreats helping people manage type 2 diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes.

www.amchara.com -
Functional Health Retreat in Somerset open all year.

I offer:


Raw food classes in Bristol and around the UK
Food prep, classes and talks for health retreats  
Working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis combining nutrition support and hands-on experience in the kitchen. 

Nutritious food impacts the way we feel. Eat & drink to think & feel good!

I've worked on several health retreats, met some inspiring individuals and I feel incredibly lucky to have a network of phenomenal health professionals around me.  I understand how food affects our body, our mind and our emotions and whilst there is no generic diet suitable for everyone, there certainly are a few principals we can follow to help us feel as vibrant as we can. 

"Eat food, not too much, mostly plants"
 Michael Pollan

Removing or cutting back on processed and refined foods is a critical starting point as the chemicals they contain can disrupt different systems in our body.  It's important to consume high quality essential fats, eat plenty of greens and drink plenty of good quality water. These changes alone can have incredible results but there are many factors aside from diet which affect our health. Understanding our own needs and allowing ourselves the flexibility to explore what works best for us is crucial.

Whatever diet you choose to follow, it is well worth including some foods which are nutrient dense. Therapeutic foods such as ferments, seaweeds, medicinal mushrooms and brain boosting superfoods can enhance our health and help us to thrive. This can involve simple and cost effective techniques. 

I firmly believe that healthy food has to be easy to put together, to taste delicious and leave us feeling nourished afterwards.