Almond Milk


Making Almond Milk is quick, easy and tastes delicious.  Much healthier than almond milk bought in a carton which is not only heat treated (which kills off enzymes), it also tends to have a lot of synthetic ingredients added for sweetening, thickening and to extend the shelf life. 

What you'll need

100g organic almonds (soaked for around 8 hours)
400ml filtered water
sweetener of your choice
a pinch of mineral salt
a sieve or cloth / nut milk bag
a bowl


What to do

First, soak the almonds to make them easier to digest (soaking reduces the level of phytic acid and removes enzyme inhibitors).  Leave them for around 8 hours, discard the soaking water, rinse the almonds and then they are ready to use.  If you want to make them even more nutritious and easier to digest, leave the rinsed almonds to sprout for a day then rinse again.

Making the milk 

Blend together all ingredients in a high powered blender
Rest the sieve or milk bag on top of bowl and pour blended ingredients through.
If using a sieve, press milk through with a wooden spoon.  If using a milk bag, squeeze through the bag.
The almond milk is ready to drink.  Pour milk into a bottle or jar and keep in a fridge

Freshly made Almond Milk will keep for around 3 days.