In the Northern Hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox falls in the early hours of Sunday 23rd September 2018.

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Equinox represents a change of season leading us closer towards Winter with the sap of plants and trees starting to withdraw and turn inwards. Leaves changing colour and falling from the trees remind us that this is the perfect time to let go of all that is no longer serving us. Or at least be aware that nature is inviting us to reflect on where we are right now and to ask ourselves if there is anything that could be helpful for us to release. This is an opportunity to embrace nature’s cycle and with this energy, we can make a choice to de-clutter our lives on as many levels as we can so we create enough space to plant creative seeds for the year ahead.

In our living and working environments we can make space for new energy to enter. Ask ourselves what we can focus on. Are there out of date packets of food in our kitchen, an old box of wires we no longer remember what they are for, clothes we haven’t worn for several years, paperwork, packaging or random stuff we think we might just need someday.…

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

William Morris

For those of us who find it challenging to let go of belongings, there is a process of clearing called the KonMari method detailed in the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying” by Marie Kondo. One of the main principals of which is to keep only the possessions which "spark joy." There are plenty of articles about her method available online to read and there are useful blogposts on her website. If you need extra support, there’s a page with links to de-cluttering consultants around the world (here’s the link) - I’m slightly excited I’ve found someone near to me - Oooh, now that is tempting!

A yoga teacher once told me that if we focus on creating a positive discipline in one area of our life then it will become easier in other areas. So if releasing material items seems like too much of an ask then start by focusing on a physical detox to support your body. This will no doubt have a knock on affect and maybe even give you the motivation needed to let go of any items you’ve been holding onto.


Taking time to detox over equinox can enhance our vitality and give us a boost to prepare for the colder season ahead. Our lymph is thought to be slightly thinner and thus it facilitates more effective elimination at this time of year. If you have embarked on any kind of fast before and know what works for you then try to take a few days out to benefit from a cleanse. If you haven’t cleansed before then opt for eating a simple diet and give your digestive system a break. Cutting out refined foods and stimulants (such as sugar, coffee & alcohol) will do wonders. Consider incorporating algae and seaweed (into your food, broths or drinks) as they naturally remove heavy metals and can lead to an increase in energy production and enhanced immunity. If you feel a desire to take a step deeper, focus on hydration - lots of warm lemon water, herbal teas, broths and soups. If you have any health conditions or concerns, please do seek guidance from a healthcare practitioner to support you.

There are plenty of nourishing techniques and activities we can focus on over the weekend such as skin brushing, taking an Epsom salt bath or having an infrared sauna to encourage toxins out of our body. And don’t forget the benefits that fresh air, a walk in nature or deep breathing can have.

Dare I suggest this… how about the idea of having a digital detox over the weekend…….?? If you feel connected to your electronics, how about turning them off for a day, or giving yourself a few hours respite? I could certainly benefit from a break. I laugh when I think that I actually went travelling for two and a half years without a phone. No social media. No notifications. It was bliss.

So, if we want to take full advantage of this shift in seasons, then make use of this time to reflect on all areas of our lives right now and acknowledge that we are where we are right now because all our thoughts and actions have led us here. A question to ask is whether we have accumulated any habits, beliefs or behaviours that are keeping us stuck. If we don’t want to take them forward with us next year then ask how we can move forward. Working with techniques such as EFT to release emotions from our body or NLP to reprogram the way we think are great tools.


I listened to an inspiring podcast this evening - an interview with Jeff Spencer, a world class Olympic Athlete and coach, who shares his techniques for breaking through barriers that are holding us back. He has a free e-book with a road map to achieving goals and he talks about understanding both the human and champion mindsets in order to achieve our goals. He also asks us to question what we feel our purpose in life is and how we feel we are contributing. It seemed very apt so I thought I’d share it - if you fancy a listen - here’s the link

I think this interview resonated with me because I’m currently enrolled on a coaching course and one thing that has become very apparent is the fact that we don’t often stop and take time to ask ourselves what we want and where we’re heading in life. Not only in terms of setting goals but in terms of questioning our beliefs and values and asking if the way we are currently operating is as good as it can be or if it can be tweeked even slightly. Dare to ask the question “What more is possible?”


This is the month of Harvest, a time to celebrate the fruits of our labour. A moment to acknowledge and appreciate all that we have received and enjoyed over the summer.

The party's not over but this cycle is naturally coming to an end. And if the equinox isn’t enough of an invite to let go, we have a big full Harvest moon on Monday inviting us to release even more. At the end of October is Sahmain (Halloween) which marks the end of the Harvest and the beginning of Winter.

November is the month of magic, a time to plant seeds, dream big and create new projects so if you want to make the most of the next month, start by clear ing out the cobwebs.

Nothing in nature is static. Life is all about movement and growth, it’s what keeps us feeling fresh and alive so why not try to take this moment for yourself to face anything that needs to go in order for change to happen.

If one of your goals is to let go of sugar or move into winter armed with knowledge about how to keep your immune system strong, I am running classes over the next few months focusing on sugar-free cakes, raw chocolate and fermentation for gut healthy, improved mood and immunity. See my events page for details.

Spring Equinox

There may still be snow on the ground in parts of the UK but it's officially the start of Spring!

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Equinox is one of the most powerful times of the year to detox.  Both Autumn and Spring.  It's when there is equal day and night in both Northern and Southern hemispheres and it's the time of year when the sap changes direction, we move away from preserving our energy over Winter to a surge of growth and movement in Spring.

We naturally start eliminating more at this time of year and some people can be incredibly sensitive to this natural energy shift so may experience physical or emotional symptoms.  If you find yourself feeling sluggish, have a headache, skin breakout or feel irritable or emotional, remember that the impact of equinox can easily last a few days or a week.  It's wise to take time to nourish yourself, support this process and help de-congest your lymphatic system.  The key tips are to hydrate, move and rest.  If you already use detox techniques such as skin brushing, saunas, castor oil packs, epsom salt baths or colonics then today is the day to make time for self care.  If that is all completely new then focus on lovely herbal teas, juices, soups & broths, lots of hydrating fruits and vegetables, allow time to rest, have an early night and if possible do a little gentle exercise today to get the lymph moving - go for a walk, get some fresh air.

If you can, incorporate natural herbs to support liver function - milk thistle, dandelion and burdock are all nourishing.  We have an abundance of superfoods in nature right now - adding dandelion roots, fresh nettles and cleavers at this time of year to juices or soups are incredibly potent.  Nettles help with urine issues, joint pain and hayfever and cleavers help decongest the lymphatic system.  If fresh isn't feasible for you, try a tincture, or buy nettle tea. 

To read more about supporting a Spring Detox or Detox Techniques, have a look at these two articles I wrote a few years ago.

Bounce into Spring

Natural Detox Techniques

It's also the perfect time to give yourself a little time to think about changes you'd like to invite in this year.  Anything you want to shift, any intentions you want to set for the year.  

This is the reason I love running retreats near equinox, it's such a powerful opportunity for transformation. During the Easter Retreat, we explore these ideas further as well as looking at nourishing foods and new habits that can help us move forward with a spring in our step (see events page for retreat details)

Happy Equinox!