quick savoury wraps

I'm in complete favour of quick easy snacks that can be thrown together in moments without using any equipment. That's why there are a couple of essentials I always try to have to hand - tahini (preferably raw if you can get it), miso, lemons, home-made sauerkraut and wraps.

Both nori and coconut paleo wraps are perfect when you fancy a savoury bite to eat. They can be a bit pricey unless you buy them in bulk so luckily you don't need many to feel full and they will last a while once opened.

Have a look on Raw Living website to buy these wraps

Have a look on Raw Living website to buy these wraps

If you don't fancy making a raw pate or have the time to whip up a sauce, simply mash up an avocado or spread a  thin layer of hummus onto your wrap (cooked or raw hummus).


One of my favourite quick paste recipes:-

  • place 1 small spoonful of raw tahini into a bowl
  • squeeze in juice of 1/2 a lemon & mix together 
  • add approximately 1 tsp of your favourite miso 
  • if a little sticky, stir in a drop of filtered water until you have a nice smooth paste
  • if you have shaman shack 'Sea Clear' (fermented chlorella, kelp & miso paste), add 1/2 tsp. If not, then experiment with your favourite superfood - eg 1/2 tsp maca or moringa
  • once nice and smooth, spread onto wrap

Fill wrap with whatever takes your fancy!!

  • Ideally lots of fresh veg - salad leaves, spinach, grated carrot or sliced cucumber / peppers
  • Try including some fermented food in the wrap - eg sauerkraut or kimchi 
  • Pickled or marinated veggies (anti-pasto such as aubergine, artichoke or mushrooms work well)
  • Sprinkle in some sprouts for added enzymes & b-vitamins (and huge detox benefits)
  • For a spicy kick, spread a thin layer of umeboshi paste or wasabi along the edge of the wrap