This recipe is sugar-free and suitable for anyone following a diabetic, vegan or gluten-free diet.  

I made this recipe over Easter at Taste Chocolate Festival in Bristol.  I love it and I hope you do to!  Some of the ingredients may be unfamiliar so please have a look at my blog post on sweeteners to find out more about Stevia, Lucuma, Carob & Yacon. These are some of my favourite ingredients to work with because they are naturally sweet, have nutritional benefits and do not compromise our health - so yes, we can have our cake and eat it.  I also like to use cinnamon in sweet recipes wherever I can as it can be helpful in stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Ingredients for fudge

100g Brazils
20g Lucuma Powder
20g Peruvian Carob
20g Yacon Syrup
2 drops Vanilla Extract


grind nuts and move to a bowl
(as fine as possible but a few lumps are fine)
add rest of ingredients and mix together
Place in chocolate moulds or roll into shapes
pop in fridge whilst making chocolate

Ingredients for raw chocolate 

50g Cacao Butter (melted)
25g Cacao Powder
5g Lucuma Powder
5g Peruvian Carob
1/4 tsp cinnamon
5g Yacon Syrup
2 drops Stevia


gently melt cacao butter
sieve powders into the melted cacao butter
(to prevent lumps)
add yacon & stevia then whisk until smooth
dip fudge into chocolate
place in fridge to set