Coconut & Cherry Chocolate Gateau

Vegan / nut-free / sugar-free / gluten-free
Satisfy your sweet tooth without reaching for sugar.



  • 100g cacao nibs
  • 50g chia seeds
  • 100g seeds (50g pumpkin seeds / 50g sunflower seeds)
  • 50g xylitol
  • 50g lucuma
  • 50g carob
  • 1 tsp purple corn extract / superfoods of choice (if you want to add superfoods)
  • 100g cherries (blackcurrants also work really well)
  • 6 drops cherry extract ( I prefer to use this one by Medicine Flower Extract )
  • 30g cacao butter (melted)
  • 8 drops stevia (if needed)
  • pinch of salt
grind nibs & chia - place in bowl
Grind seeds & xylitol - add to bowl
Add lucuma & carob & chaga
Add cherries or blackcurrants, extract, cacao butter & stevia - mix together making sure some of the berries stay chunky
place in fridge whilst making fillings


Chocolate filling:

  • 100g avocado (1 avocado)
  • 50g yacon syrup (yacon is low GI - this also works with your favourite sweetener if you don't want to use yacon)
  • 20g cacao butter (melted)
  • 5g cacao paste (melted)
  • 10g coconut oil (melted)
  • 20g cacao powder
  • 3 drops vanilla extract (this is my favourite extract, it's a beautiful vanilla)
  • 1 tsp purple corn extract (optional)
  • 4 drops vanilla stevia (if needed)
  • pinch salt
blend all ingredients together in a nutribullet or hand held blender

Cream filing :

You can use coconut yoghurt straight out of the pot (Coyo or Coconut Collaborative are good brands) or make own coconut cream by blending coconut flesh with a little water, lemon or nut milk.  Alternatively, place a few spoons of your favourite coconut yoghurt into a bowl then mix coconut yoghurt with a little lucuma and a drizzle of yacon until you reach a nice sweetness and thick cream consistency 


To assemble

Layer up the cake mix, chocolate mousse, berries and coconut cream.  
Dust with shavings of raw chocolate!