8 inch tin / makes 12-14 slices


Line an 8” cake tin with greaseproof paper

To make base – finely grind almonds & buckwheat. Blend in remaining ingredients and press into tin.

Arrange sliced bananas on top of the base

To make toffee layer – blend all ingredients together until smooth. Evenly spread over bananas. Place in fridge until next layer is ready.

Blend all ingredients of creamy layer in high powered blender until smooth. Pour over toffee layer & return to fridge. Leave to set for 10-12 hours

Dust with cinnamon before serving



200g almonds (soaked & dehydrated)
150g buckwheat (soaked & dehydrated)
20ml olive oil
50g dates

2nd Layer : 2 bananas (sliced)

3rd Toffee Layer

100g raw almond butter
50g coconut nectar
50g Dates
20g raw carob (mesquite/algarroba)
30g Coconut Oil
½ Banana
1 tsp he shou wu (optional)

Creamy Top Layer

150g raw cashews (soaked 3 or 4 hours)
3 bananas
85g coconut oil (melted)
10g baobab
10g lucuma
2 tsp lecithin
5 drops of vanilla extract
10 drops stevia
¼ tsp mineral salt




If you would like to make this recipe nut-free, try using sunflower seeds instead of almonds in the base, substitute tahini for the almond butter and use avocados in place of the cashews