Lemon & Matcha Torte

1 x brownie tray / 12 slices

OMGTEA - 03.png

What’s so great about Matcha? 

To start with, its high in antioxidants (which can help protect our cells from free radical damage) and also chlorophyll (which has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties).

Matcha contains caffeine which some people are sensitive to so it may not be your cup of tea. However, it also contains the amino acid L Theanine which promotes a state of relaxation so it can in fact help keeping you calm, focused, and energised for hours.  L-Theanine boosts alpha waves (the brain waves present in deep relaxation) and promotes alert relaxation. L-Theanine has had significant clinical results for not only naturally calming the brain but focusing it too.
L-Theanine increases the production of the two chemicals dopamine and serotonin which in turn serve to enhance mood, promote better concentration and improve memory.

Yes, we can make Matcha tea and Matcha lattes, all very delicious indeed. But why not make a matcha cake that’s also low in sugar and full of nutrition. Makes way more sense to eat more cake that nourishes your body than cake that leaves you depleted. Cake that leaves your cells tingling! Yep, that’s my kind cake.

So, you may or may not have all of these ingredients but don’t let that put you off, adapt and switch ingredients (I’ve added a few suggestions in case you fancy playing)

Torte 01.png


❏    100g coconut flakes (or use buckwheat)
❏    100g walnuts (preferably activated) - or use your favourite nuts/seeds
(to activate - soak for 8 hours, rinse and dehydrate until crunchy)
❏    2 tsp matcha powder - my favourite is OMGTEA
❏    15g xylitol (finely ground) - coconut sugar also works
❏    50g lucuma powder (this gives a lovely shortbread texture and taste)
❏    20g yacon (or your favourite sweet syrup)
❏    6 drops stevia
❏    pinch of salt
❏    30g coconut oil (melted)

❏    grind nuts & coconut flakes and place in a bowl
❏    add rest of dry ingredients
❏    stir in coconut oil
❏    press into a brownie tray

White Layer

❏    300g cashews
❏    130ml water
❏    75ml lemon juice (also add lemon zest for more of a zingy flavour)
❏    75ml coconut oil (melted)
❏    25ml cacao butter (melted)
❏    50g xylitol (finely ground)
❏    10g baobab
❏    5 drops stevia
❏    pinch of salt

❏    blitz all ingredients in a high powered blender
❏    Pour 300g of the blended mixture on top of the base and leave the rest of the mixture in the blender for the next layer.
❏    Place brownie tray in a freezer whilst making next layer


 Green Top Layer

❏    2 tsp matcha powder
❏    2 drops vanilla
❏    20g yacon syrup
❏    10g cacao butter (melted)
❏    10ml lemon juice

❏    add all these ingredients to the mixture in the blender
❏    blitz until smooth
❏    Spread on top of white layer
❏    Place in fridge to chill overnight (or in a freezer for a few hours)

Torte 02.png

Chocolate Coconut Sauce

Blend together:

❏    75g Maple or Yacon syrup
❏    30g Cacao Powder                               
❏    50g Coconut oil (melted)
❏    2-3 drops Vanilla Extract

Cake will freeze and keep for months.

If left in a fridge, best within 10 days.